Saturday 21 October 2017 biorythme

The Biorhythm: presentation

The Biorhythm (Chrono Biological Rhythm) manages the body and the human psyche from the day of birth. You did not say "There are ups and downs" or "days with and days without"? The Biorhythm, that's exactly it.

The three components are Biorhythm :

Each of these three rhythms are distinct states :

New ! The moon has a very high importance on our environment, there are lunar phases for each day.

The majority of calculations Biorhythm found on the Internet appear as three curves intersect. Care must be taken in interpreting apparent from these curves. In reality, there is no intensity variation. There is only a change of state. That is why I propose here a simplified reading of the results.

Determining the phases of each rhythm accepts numerous interpretations. Knowing your Biorhythms can serve you to spend the next few days in the best conditions possible. As you know, "Forewarned is forearmed."

I propose here two Biorhythm calculation :

Depending on your date of birth, you will find the Biorhythm phases for the next day. The same way you see the weather of heaven, Come and see regularly your Biorhythm.

I hope you enjoy reading and spend a pleasant day.

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